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GreatRatings™ Website Ranking (v 1.1.0) Updated 06 February 2008

Provide a website rating service to visitors! This script allows you to rank and review other websites on specific categories, and set icons for features of the site. Visitors can leave comments/responses on the site, and review your review. Visitors can suggest other websites for you to review. The script keeps track of how many visitors you transferred to the site. It generates a Popularity Index of how the best sites!

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The GreatRatings script allows you to provide rating and rankings of other websites. The Admin provides a review of the site and specifies a ranking in several categories such as usability, layout, etc. Your readers respond with their own counter-review of the site, and rate your review on accuracy, bias, etc. The script keeps track of how many people you referred to the actual site.

This script is sooo much more than a 'Topsites List' because you get to review the site in addition to a ranking. Describe what you like, what you don't link, and what services are at the site. Readers can respond in kind, providing their own rankings, and writing their own reviews. They can also indicate what they think of your review -- biased for or against.

You classify the sites into the categories you want for easy access. The categories defined by you according to what market you are trying to get.

Readers can suggest websites for you to review, and are notified when the review is completed. Multiple search options are provided so users can find the information they want quickly.

You know that websites that invite user input are soon overwhelmed with SPAM. Not GreatRatings. Itís tested and proven SPAM filters are the best on the web. It stops the junk before it ever reaches you, whether from a human typist or an automated script. It includes a configurable word filter to either filter or reject those 'naughty' words the script kiddies think are funny. So you don't have to constantly monitor the site -- it protects itself.

This is a great way to drive traffic to your own site and get user involvement.

New for v1.1.0

Popularity Index indicates reader's favorite sites.

New for v1.1.0

Jump Counter: know how many referrals your review generated Potent guards against numbers pumping.



The following list details the supported ways to customize the script to your site -- all done via the Admin Control Panel.


Please ensure your site hosting meets these minimum requirements before purchasing the script!

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