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PhotoCap™ PhotoCaption Contest (v 2.0) Updated 29 November 2008

Now you can run a PhotoCaption Contest on your own site, complete with scoring, photo upload and selection, and prize awards! This is a great way to get users involved in your site. The scoring calculations are set to encourage participation by awarding points to various user interactions -- the more you play, the higher you score.

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The PhotoCaption script is a site game which allows an administrator (or optionally, users) to upload a series of photos and then have players submit captions. Once the captions are collected, players get to vote to select the best caption. Game points are assigned for varying activities in the game, designed to encourage participation by all members. You can set the game to be fully automatic (cron access required) so the photos are moved along the stages at standard intervals.

Each photo goes through two stages: the Captioning stage where user captions are collected; and the Balloting stage where users vote for their favorite caption. The movement of the photo through the stages can be controlled either by the administrator manually via the Admin Control Panel, or automatically via a cron job. The administrator can assign a sequence to the photos so they are advanced in a pre-determined order or allow the script to select the photos at random.

Players’ scores are computed and displayed for an administrator configurable sliding window -- this allows new players to join in at any time and catch up with the others. Members can easily view the winning captions from previous games and see how well their entries did, and who voted for them. The running scores for each player are available for review and the administrator can set point ranges to provide rank icons to players -- a sample of The Simpsons© is included with the package. An archive of previously played games is maintained so users can review older contests.

When a user runs the script, he sees a photo along with a number of entry fields where he can type text. The user supplies the best caption he can think of for the photo. The user can then move to the voting screen, where he sees displayed the captions supplied from all other users from the previous iteration.

On the next iteration after balloting, the winner is determined from the votes cast. All users can see the top three winning caption, the user who entered the caption, and the individual scoring for each user. Players can check the Scoreboard at any time to determine their current score and standing

The game is fully integrated with your existing User Management System (UMS), drawing on the existing database for member IDs, member names, and administrator identification. A fully automated installation script is included so you will be up and running within minutes of download -- “Just Add Photos”!!

Embedded User Management System - Every site can run PhotoCap, whether you have an existing UMS or not. The game now comes with its own builtin UMS, allowing users to register and play. The Site Administrator can assign other users as Game Administrators, review, modify, and delete the users.

Reusable Photos - Photos can be recycled automatically, so your visitors are never without a contest. You can set it to automatic so photos you pick are reused as needed, or manual where you control which photos are reused and when.

New for v 2.0

AJAX - An AJAX Interface to make the game even more exciting!



The following list details the supported ways to customize the script to your site -- all done via the Admin Control Panel.

Point Classes

Users earn points for the following activities:


Please ensure your site hosting meets these minimum requirements before purchasing the script!

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